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“Ovoschevodstvo” magazine

Illustrated monthly all Ukrainian issue for professional vegetable growers.

Professional vegetable growers should have professional magazine!

On magazine’s pages:

  • Vegetable growing in open and covered ground
  • Processing, storage, sales products
  • Practical advices and experience
  • Specialized machinery and equipment
  • Means and method of plant protection
  • Industrial mushroom
  • Flower growing

Date of foundation: September 2004.

Volume: 80-96 pages+4 (pages)

Format: 210х295 mm

Language: Russian

Circulation: 16 100 copies

Periodicity: once per month

Address of editorial office: 01601 Kiev, Turgenievska str., 38

Tel: +38 (044) 494-24-29, +38 (044) 494-09-06



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