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“Ogorodnik” magazine

Illustrated monthly magazine for gardeners, market gardeners and flower growers.

«Ogorodnik» — is the constantly enlarging encyclopedia for all who love soil and its cultivation, for those who want to grow rich crops in their gardens and vegetable gardens, create beautiful flower beds.

On magazine’s pages:

  • New kinds and technologies of vegetables, fruits and decorative cultures growing
  • Plants protection means from pests and diseases
  • Advises for mushroom growers, poultry breeders and animal breeders amateurs
  • Receipts of healthy food
  • Lessons of home master
  • Doctor’s advices
  • Legal advices

Date of foundation: July 1996

Volume: 68 pages

Format: А4

Language: Russian

Circulation: 142 000 copies

Periodicity: Once per month

Quarter subject supplements: «Ogorodnik Plus»

Editorial office address: 01601 Kiev, Turgenievskaya str., 38

Tel: +38 (044) 494-09-06
Е-mail: ogorodnik@univest-media.com


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